How to Support: 

There are many ways to support the Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA) and our work towards the fulfillment of our vision, a Utah known nationally for its wide breadth of cultures where public and private investment in and equitable access to arts and cultural opportunities are prioritized and valued. 

Our organizational memberships are for cultural businesses and organizations throughout the state of Utah that believe in the power of collective advocacy. This business membership offers benefits such as advocacy, discounts, training, resources, and more. You can explore the benefits and join here:

Our culture clubs are for independent donors (including students) who seek to support the work of UCA while attending fabulous cultural events with interesting, like-minded people. These donor group's contributions range from $100-$1,000 annually with a monthly payment option available. You can explore the options and join here:

If neither membership is right for you, please proceed to our donation form. All donations made through this form will go to supporting the work of the 501(c)3. You can access this form here:

If you would like to give specifically to the 501(c)4 please reach out to Kylie Howard at [email protected]


Thank you so much for supporting the work of the Utah Cultural Alliance and welcome to #TeamCulture