As the industry association representing arts, culture, and entertainment, Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA) creates a friendly policy and funding environment in which creativity best transforms lives. 

Lobbying on behalf of the cultural industry is the core work of our 501c4 arm, Utah Cultural Alliance. This work enables our industry to better provide STEAM education and programming to every Utahn in order to benefit them, their families, their communities, and their employers.

To accomplish our advocacy goals, UCA's staff and board:

  1. build relationships with elected officials at all levels of Utah government
  2. present data communicating industry impact 
  3. secure membership in our legislative and municipal cultural caucuses
  4. lead Cultural Industry Advocacy Day in partnership with our fellow statewide service organizations
  5. organize the annual "Evening of Magic" legislative dinner to showcase the Cultural Industry
  6. set a multi year strategic plan in coordination with our board and membership
  7. Run bills that positively impact the industry, negotiate bills that could harm the industry
  8. Grow funding that boosts cultural nonprofits and STEAM education
  9. track and educate industry on all policy that could impact the industry