• We stand witness to a history that will be told for generations. Such a time calls for introspective creativity and resilience that's common to the arts and humanities. No one will be exempt from the impacts of COVID-19. Here are COVID resources.

  • UCA advocates for robust, fiscally responsible funding and policy decisions that build culture’s presence and support lifelong humanities and arts education. We create cultural champions among elected officials.

  • UCA amplifies the public presence of culture and communicates its positive impact on community prosperity. Our tools include collecting data to demonstrate culture’s impacts, mapping, calendaring, and advertising the sector.

  • We foster collaboration between cultural organizations, government, business, and individuals and develop skills through trainings and networking events.

Since 1980, Utah Cultural Alliance is the statewide advocate and voice of the cultural industries — defined as the humanities, arts, and for-profit creative businesses. For us, advocacy is two-pronged. On one side, we champion culture to elected officials. On the other side, we amplify culture’s presence to the general public, with particular focus on the contributions they make to Utah's economic, family, and community life. In 2008 The Utah Cultural Alliance received the SLC Mayor’s “Service to the Arts” Award.

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