Utah's Cultural Industry Association

The Utah Cultural Alliance was founded in 1980 to advance arts, entertainment, culture, museums, film, and humanities. Today we represent over 650 cultural businesses and the 108,560 creative professionals as the cultural industry association. The cultural industry in Utah is responsible for 135 of Utah's Tourism and 9% of Utah's GDP. We champion this industry through our amplification and lobbying efforts. Our programs facilitate an environment in Utah that values the transformative power of arts, humanities, and culture; and prioritizes robust public and private investment in culture through programming, attendance, and lifelong cultural education. These programs include NowPlayingUtah.com, data collection to measure industry impact, developing professional acumen of creative professionals through an annual conference (Culture Connect) and a fellowship program, the Culture Bytes podcast, and our core work, advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the industry.

Vision: A Utah known nationally for its wide breadth of cultures where public and private investment in and equitable access to arts and cultural opportunities are prioritized and valued. Culture defines Utah’s way of life, it’s in our DNA, and enhances the quality of living, visiting, and working in Utah. Our mission is accomplished through the two arms of our organization. Learn more about the differences between 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 organizations here.


Our Joint Mission: We champion — with our members — an environment that transforms lives and communities through creative experiences.

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"I want to recognize and congratulate the Utah Cultural Alliance on 40 years of championing – even fortifying – the arts and humanities in Utah. This organization is the voice of the arts and humanities in Utah. You empower and strengthen this community in terms of art and culture, fostering a sense of community that uplifts and benefits everyone. You are the guardians and the visionaries, and the creative leaders who are ensuring the arts and the humanities are alive and strong and contributing to our culture, to our lives, and to our economy."

Scott Anderson, CEO, Zions Bank