Utah Cultural Alliance and Utah Cultural Alliance Foundation is seeking board members with a variety of skills and experience. We invite you to consider applying for board service.

We are specifically looking for:

  • increased rural community representation
  • large for-profit cultural business representation
  • BIPOC representation
  • LGBTQIA+ representation
  • beginning, and mid-level career experience
  • or the following skills: 
    • legal
    • evaluation
    • fundraising
    • finance
    • HR
    • nonprofit governance 

If board membership isn't right for you right now but you know someone particularly interested in advocating for the industry, collecting data for the industry, or creative industry community building, we are also seeking to build greater representation in communities traditionally marginalized in Utah so that we can ensure we are representing the creative industry in Utah accurately.

Founded in 1980, the Utah Cultural Alliance envisions a Utah known nationally for its wide breadth of cultures where public and private investment in and equitable access to arts and cultural opportunities are prioritized and valued. Culture defines Utah’s way of life, it’s in our DNA, and enhances the quality of living, visiting, and working in Utah. Our mission is accomplished through the two arms of our organization.

Utah Cultural Alliance | 501(c)4 Mission: Utah Cultural Alliance cultivates robust public investment in and policies that enhance the cultural industry and lifelong cultural education.

Utah Cultural Alliance Foundation | 501(c)3 Mission: Utah Cultural Alliance Foundation, as the cultural industry association, communicates and amplifies the value of culture and supports creative professionals.