We at Utah Cultural Alliance are the champions of the cultural industry, the businesses of living. Our industry association represents the businesses and creative professionals who work in the humanities, entertainment and arts industry. We know that this industry strengthens communities of all sizes, attract visitors, define neighborhoods, share history, and generate economic impact. City and county governments of all sizes can partner with the arts and humanities to make their communities even better places to live and do business! The following are some resources that Utah Cultural Alliance offers to municipalities:


Are you a municipal elected official or government staff that believes the following:

"I support fiscally responsible public investment into the arts, culture, and entertainment industry to foster strong communities.”

We invite you to show your love of Utah's magical cultural industry by joining our Municipal Cultural Caucus. We will create special tours, trainings, and events adjacent to Utah Association of Counties and Utah League of Cities and Towns conferences that are exclusive to caucus members. 

Join Cultural Caucus

Republican Chair: Salt Lake County Councilperson Laurie Stringham

Democrat Chair: Victoria Petro


To help make the work easier for cities, counties, & towns, UCA has created model ordinances that impact the humanities and arts. Craig Hall Sr. of Bennett Tueller Johnson & Deere is the author. Craig has a 40 year career in municipal law. Please contact us with questions. Municipalities are welcome to use these ordinances without permission, but we are happy to consult with you on your implementation and answer questions, free of charge.


Utah Cultural Alliance measures the economic, social, academic, and health impacts of the humanities, culture, entertainment, and arts.

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UCA will happily present local economic impact to municipal elected officials, government staff, volunteers and more! This is free, simply reach out to schedule an appointment.

Additionally, UCA can affordably create cultural industry economic impact case studies specific to your city, town, county, or region. Case Study Rates are detailed on page 1 of the sponsorship packet. Local governments receive the level above at the price below, i.e. the Data Co-Author level costs $25,000 instead of $50,000 and includes a case study authored by Kem Gardner Policy Institute. The Data Co-Publisher level costs $10,000 instead of $25,000 for local governments. This level includes a case study authored by UCA staff. 


Utah Cultural Alliance has partnered with Election Hive -- a well-known campaign consulting business in Utah (partners: Matthew Lusty, Casey Hill, Jon Cox, Dan Hemmert)  -- to work with counties and cities to pass or renew a Recreation, Arts, and Parks tax. We have campaign plans to give you a broad idea of what to do OR, through our partnership with Election Hive, we can run your campaign for your community. We have the ability to work with cities and counties of all sizes. Contact us>>

Cultural Master Plans

We collect cultural master plans from around the state. We are able to help your community draft one at fairly affordable rates. Contact us if you'd like to receive them. 

Event Calendar of Happenings in Your Area

Utah Cultural Alliance manages nowplayingutah.com, a statewide calendar of everything to see and do in UT. The site sees over 4 million users a year. We can provide you with a datafeed of events to populate a calendar on your website. This will automatically import everything that is happening in your city and greatly reduces staff time and maintenance. We personally curate all events listed on NPU.

NPU Datafeed Information