UCA Strategic Plan

Our motto: "a goal without a plan is just a wish." We at Utah Cultural Alliance are strategizers and planners.

We finished our 2016-21 plan three years early, so throughout the summer of 2018 the board and staff of UCA worked on a new plan. We wanted this strategic plan to be truly representative of our members. Hence, UCA staff embarked on an epic 6 week road trip, meeting with 75 members individually and surveyed the remaining 200! Let’s just say our ED put on a few thousand miles on her car and spanned the entire state multiple times. Here's a video summary of the plan.


  1. Renamed the 501c4 to Utah Cultural Alliance because we want to lobby under the name that’s known. The 501c3 is renamed as Utahns for Culture.
  2. Refined our mission & vision: the 501c4 advocates; both 501c3s (Now Playing Utah and Utahns for Culture) amplify culture.
  3. Set an ambitious advocacy agenda focused on significantly increasing funding for culture (and cultural education!), better K-12 humanities and arts education, creating cultural champions, and easing regulations that impede our work.
  4. nowplayingutah.com (NPU) is now a project of Utah Cultural Alliance and allows us to better amplify the humanities and arts. Improvements to NPU include a heavy focus on curation, highlighting reviews, adding professional development and jobs (both done!), and improving the directory features.
  5. Professional development programming replaced with mission-centric storytelling trainings that teach members to better tell their stories through data, be culturally astute, and other amplification tools. UCA will amplify the professional development that’s already out there.
  6. To better amplify culture and its benefits, we will significantly build traffic to the Asset Map and NPU, make both more useful tools, improve corporate relationships, boost cultural tourism, and collect better data about culture’s impact.
  7. Offer more data services including access to WESTAF’s Creative Vitality Suite for members. This is mostly useful for organizational members. This tool tracks jobs and earnings (sourced from BLS and BEA data) in the creative sector at the most macro and micro levels. The cost to us is $400 per organization so the perk will be included for annual memberships above $500 and can be added on for $400 for organizations with smaller dues.
  8. Simplified memberships, made dues more fair, and strengthened benefits. Rates were arrived at after asking 75+ organizations what they should pay. There are separate memberships for organizations/businesses and individuals. Instead of organizational sponsorships, we offer “al a carte” services. Our culture club memberships for individuals will remain largely untouched although we are moving them entirely to the 501c3 to increase your tax deduction. To simplify the membership levels, we will no longer offer the $40 individual membership, only the Culture Clubs. We’ve create a stronger list of perks for individual and organizational/business memberships. The plan details your new benefits and rates.

Read our completed and current strategic plans here:

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