Cultural Caucus

The following public officials belong to national or statewide humanities, cultural, and arts caucuses. If any of these elected officials represent you, please send them an email and thank them for their support! If your elected official is not on these lists, invite them to join.

If you are an elected official and would like to join, contact us.


Federal Level

Senate Cultural Caucus (House and Senate)

Senator Orrin Hatch

House Congressional Arts Caucus

No members of Utah's federal delegation currently belong

House Congressional Humanities Caucus

No members of Utah's federal delegation currently belong

House Congressional STEAM Caucus

No members of Utah's federal delegation currently belong


State Legislature

Republican Chair: Lyle Hillyard
Democratic Chair: Jim Dabakis

Stuart Adams 
Jacob Anderegg
Curt Bramble 
David Buxton
Allen Christensen
Jim Dabakis 
Margaret Dayton
Gene Davis 
Luz Escamilla
Lincoln Fillmore
Wayne Harper
Dan Hemmert
Deidre Henderson
Lyle Hillyard
David Hinkins
Don Ipson
Jani Iwamoto
Peter Knudson
Karen Mayne
Ann Millner
Wayne Niederhauser
Ralph Okerlund 
Howard Stephenson
Jerry Stevenson
Daniel Thatcher
Kevin Van Tassel
Evan Vickers
Todd Weiler
Brian Zehnder

(29 of 29 state senators)

House of Representatives
Republican Chair: Becky Edwards
Democratic Chair: Patrice Arent

Cheryl Acton
Carl Albrecht
Patrice Arent 
Stewart Barlow
Joel Briscoe
Walt Brooks
Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Scott Chew
Lavar Christensen
Kay Christofferson
Kim Coleman
Bruce Cutler
Brad Daw
Susan Duckworth
Jim Dunnigan
Rebecca Edwards
Steve Eliason
Justin Fawson
Gage Froerer
Francis Gibson
Brian Greene
Craig Hall
Stephen Handy
Timothy Hawkes
Lynn Hemingway
Sandra Hollins
Eric Hutchings
Ken Ivory
Brian King
John Knotwell
Karen Kwan
Brad Last
Karianne Lisonbee
Cory Maloy
Dan McCay
Mike McKell
Kelly Miles
Carol Spackman Moss
Merrill Nelson
Michael Noel
Derrin Owens
Lee Perry
Jeremy Peterson
Dixon Pitcher
Val Potter
Marie Poulson
Susan Pulsipher
Tim Quinn
Paul Ray
Edward Redd
Marc Roberts
Angela Romero
Douglas Sagers
Scott Sandall
Douglas Sagers
Mike Schultz
Tim Seegmiller
Lowry Snow
Robert Spendlove
Kevin Stratton
Norman Thurston
Christine Watkins
Raymond Ward
Curt Webb
Elizabeth Weight
John Westwood
Mark Wheatley
Logan Wilde
Brad Wilson
Mike Winder

(70 of 75)

This represents 93.2% of the state legislature.

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