Wizarding Dayz (Feb 24-25, 2017)

My partner and I are bringing the first Harry Potter fan and fantasy convention to Utah at the South Towne Expo February 24-25. Our website is here: http://www.wizardingdayz.com 
What we're excited the most about Wizarding Dayz is not only that much of the money goes back to charity, but that we're featuring local artists. For example, we're having a Living Art cosplay contest, not your traditional cosplay contest where they get on stage, but where they act in character and rove throughout the event. We'll also be having local artists/authors and more as vendors and for one of our numerous educational workshops.
Can you list Wizarding Dayz on the website? http://wizardingdayz.com 
We really want to push this opportunity out for artists, our artists booth are $250 for both days and we have some real unique art in there so far. We also have space specifically for authors at a discounted price. All the information on vendor booth opportunities is here: http://www.wizardingdayz.com/vendors/ Our booths are filling up and prices go up on December 9th. You can have people contact us through the website, the Facebook page or at [email protected] Could you mention all that in anything you send out?
Our Facebook page has more information about specific programs, we are not having panels, but classes and workshops. We're having some lecturers, authors, professors and even a group of Wise Women. We want people to have fun at Wizarding Dayz, but also learning something!

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