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 May 3, 2017

Image courtesy of the artist.

UMOCA Presents Willow Skye-Biggs' Tastes Like Mandy
Salt Lake City, UT -  The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) is thrilled to present Utah artist Willow Skye-Biggs for her inaugural exhibition Tastes Like Mandy, curated by Letice Blanchard.
Tastes Like Mandy is a visceral experience that combines queer visual cues with assembled audio recordings that simulate the abstraction of entering into or exiting from an organism, either along the vast spectrum of humanity, or otherwise. Dark emotive tones harmonize and conceal layers of vibration which the listener moves amongst within the dimly blue-lit space. 
InTastes Like Mandy, waves of ecstasy juxtapose against throes of agony, all the while implying an inseparable consonance between the two in the poignant face of existence. The pain resulting from the pleasures of love, the peace gained through the struggles of accepting one's body and of understanding one's identity within an often intolerant society. Four partially buried human spines echo in response, revisiting now genderless victims, revealing a bodiless future.
Join us on May 19 for the opening reception of Tastes Like Mandy in the Codec Gallery, along with Céline Downen's Beehive Works in the Ed. Space, Kelly O'Neill's rend/er in the A-I-R Space, Michael Ryan Handley's Sublimation in the Street Gallery, our 2017 Out Loud program's Identities, Symbolism, and the Self in the Ed. Space, and the Sideshow: 2017 Gala Art Auction in the Projects Gallery.
About the Artist
Willow Skye-Biggs is a native sound artist from Salt Lake City and has spent the past ten years exploring sound, largely through the musical project Stag Hare, melding tonal soundscapes with deconstructed rhythmic elements across an array of releases which have gained her a devoted niche following. Currently, her focus is aimed towards video, live installation, and sculpture, though she continues to develop music through her solo project Wisp, which delves into the overlap between personal storytelling and sounds designed equally for metaphysical and social transformation, as well as for the dance floor. Her work has been released through numerous record labels both nationally and internationally, including Marriage Records in Portland, Oregon, and Hands in the Dark in France. She has performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Galeria ze dos Bois in Lisbon, Portugal, and has been commissioned for a Daido Moriyama photography book/record collection. 
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