Why Should Government Support the Arts?

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Why Should Government Support the Arts?
I'm pleased to share the updated and expanded edition of NASAA's Why Should Government Support the Arts?
This policy brief details the economic, health, educational, civic, community and cultural benefits of public funding for the arts. The brief debunks myths and misconceptions about government arts funding and cites fresh research to offer evidence based answers to common questions such as:
  • Why can't the private sector alone fund the arts?
  • Aren't there more serious issues government should address?
  • Is arts support a partisan issue?
  • How do federal arts funds impact states?
  • Aren't the arts a pastime of the elite?
Why Should Government Support the Arts? is free and available to the public. Please help us spread the word:
  • Share the brief through your social media networks.
  • Post a link to the brief on your website.
  • Pick one of its topics for a blog column or newsletter article.
  • Provide a copy of the brief to lawmakers, local civic leaders, businesspeople, educators, cultural advocates, academics and others interested in better understanding the value of government arts funding.
Complementing our new policy brief are some great one-pagers—Fact vs. Fiction: Government Arts FundingFive Essential Arts Arguments and You Can Shape Policy—as well as a number of other resources on NASAA's website that you might find helpful.
Thanks again for all your work to enable the arts to be part of our daily life.
NASAA's mission is to strengthen state arts agencies. 
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