Dear LAA field: we need your help! We’re hoping to get as many businesses as we can–large and small, from every sector, from all over the country–to participate in this year’s BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts. And we need your help to do it.
The BCA Survey is only created every 3 years, and in those 3 years we use the data in nearly every piece of private sector information, e-blast, report, resource, etc. that we send to the local arts field. We also use that data to build the case for business support for the arts. The success of our argument for arts and biz in the next 3 years hinges in part on how many businesses we can get to participate–we need you!
Please send the survey to your local business contacts, whether or not they’ve supported the arts extensively.This time around, we’re hoping to offer localized reports for cities and regions, but those local reports depend on reaching a certain threshold of responses in local areas! Please send the survey information and link below to your business network, and let them know that they are supporting the arts simply by filling it out!
Here’s a tweet from Americans for the Arts that you can retweet in addition to sending the information, highlighting Amex’s Tim McClimon’s request for survey participants:
And a Facebook post from Americans for the Arts:

Information about the BCA Survey
The 2016 National Survey of Business Support for the Arts, which is jointly conducted by The Conference Board and Americans for the Arts, is open to companies of all sizes who participate in corporate philanthropy, employee engagement, volunteer programs, or sponsorship. Encourage your business partners to fill out the survey and share it with your business networks!

The BCA Survey of Business Support for the Arts is the nation’s largest survey of its kind, delving beyond pure numbers into the motivations behind and goals of business partnerships with the arts. The specific findings from the survey are used to project national trends in support for the arts by businesses large and small across our nation. The study acts as a resource for current and potential funders of the arts, and for local advocacy organizations to encourage increased partnership between the business community and the arts. BCA has conducted the survey since 1968.