When August 03, 2021 at 7:00pm 4 hrs 59 mins
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Spirit Mother is a heavy-psych rock group with a sound described as “Jangly, heavy, and rhythmic, with violin ominous, out front, and present” by Cool-Tite Magazine. The four-piece from all over the both US coasts, met and formed in Long Beach, CA. After playing locally for a time, the band was able to lock in consistent festival sets across the west coast and southwest all before an album was produced. With only the merit of live performances, and a slim discography of singles and a few live recordings, the band was able to support major touring artists and showcases both at home and on the road despite not having any booking agency or label to rely on. The band released two singles “Black Sheep // Space Cadets” which were both picked up by Thrasher Magazine and used for their “King Of The Road” series. This was followed by subsequent licenses for their music. After Spirit Mothers’s first national tour supporting Plague Vendor’s album release, they released their debut album “Cadets” with Polymer Records in early 2020.   The unprecedented year put a halt on many plans but the band stayed busy relocating to an isolated farmhouse in the Pacific Northwest to put together a new collection of music. The first two songs of this collection were released exclusively for their acclaimed live record/concert film, “Live In The Mojave Volume 3” a Stoned And Dusted production released jointly by Giant Rock Records and Heavy Psych Sounds Records. Their set was described as “a distinct chance we’ll look back on this is as an early gem from a band going places” (The Sleeping Shaman). With the recent release of this record, The Obelisk writes “Spirit Mother are happening one way or another. That combination of air, earth, and fuzz is too good to leave out.” You can find Spirit Mother’s released material and recent on their Website and Spotify account along with the Thrasher Features and Live Recordings.