Cultural engagement is part of Utah's Social DNA

  1. Utah's LDS pioneers built a theater before any other structure
  2. Utah's public lands house the largest collection of Native American rock art in the world
  3. Utah is home to the oldest arts council in the country
  4. Utah is the #1 state in the country for live arts creation (all mediums)
  5. Utahns check out more children's books than any other state
  6. Utah has more libraries than McDonalds restaurants 

Cultural engagement enriches life and increases quality of life

  1. Arts, humanities, and cultural businesses make our communities more attractive, vibrant, and livable.
  2. In this dog eat dog world, we need to cultivate the kinder side of America through the arts and humanities. Cruelty and violence may reign, but the arts & humanities mitigate violence. Music, dance, literature, history, and the humanities have all outlived negativity.
  3. 10 things the arts teach (compiled by Utah Division of Arts & Museums)

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