Save Classical 89!

Help us save Classical 89, KBYU 89.1!

In a world full of darkness and tragedy, Classical 89 heals wounds and lifts souls through the power of music. Classical 89 is the sole classical music radio option in Utah. For many of us, the loss of Classical 89 is tantamount to losing a friend. We must have Classical 89 to preserve the importance of this kind of music for future generations. Utah's cultural scene is varied and renowned and yet the loss of a classical music station is unfathomable. Classical 89 is one of the nation's top classical radio stations. We need it for Utah, and we need it to be available to its listeners around the world.

Classical 89 is a keystone of Utah's arts and humanities sector. Together as cultural businesses, we employ over 51,000 Utahns, generate over $3 billion in earnings, and have more private music teachers per capita than any other state. Indeed, our state supports many musical nonprofits: Utah Symphony | Utah Opera; Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre in Logan; Moab Music Festival in Moab; dozens of chamber music groups such as Nova Chamber Music and Intermezzo Chamber Music Series; even a group that champions music by Utah composers, Salty Cricket Composers Collective; choral groups such as Utah Chamber Artists and SL Choral Artists; regional orchestras such as Timpanogos Symphony and Utah Valley Symphony; and much, much more.

We ask you, Michael Dunn and all decision makers at BYU Broadcasting, to listen to the requests of the thousands of listeners who want 89.1 to remain as primarily classical music programming. 

(If you have signed any of the other Classical 89 petitions such as this or this, you don't need to sign this one because we have decided to combine forces!)

Thank you for considering our request,


The boards and staff of Utah Cultural Alliance, Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance, Utah Federation of Music Clubs, and,
the undersigned individuals and organizations.

(If you would like to add your organization's name as a formal signer of this petition, please contact [email protected])

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  • Nancy Longhurst
    signed 2017-11-01 20:21:14 -0600
  • Jennifer Kohler
    signed 2017-11-01 17:41:24 -0600
  • David Jordan
    signed 2017-11-01 12:23:56 -0600
  • Kirk Jones
    signed 2017-11-01 11:47:58 -0600
    Classical 89 was an important part of my enjoyment and music education growing up. I enjoy it.
  • Mary Ann Creer
    signed 2017-11-01 10:59:24 -0600
    Classical 89 is my lifeline. Please support me.
  • Todd Smith
    signed 2017-11-01 10:35:06 -0600
    The absence of a classical music radio station will be a huge cultural loss for the Wasatch Front. I have nephews who ask my sister to “put on the station with no lyrics”, by which they mean Classical 89, when they are in the car. In-car listening to Classical 89 is their main exposure to classical music. Yes, there are other ways to find classical music, but for many people, once it is no longer easily available on the radio dial, classical music will simply no longer be a regular part of their lives. This will be an immense loss.
  • Marianne Marlor
    signed 2017-11-01 09:53:59 -0600
    PLEASE don’t cancel the Classical music program!!! It’s the only thing I listen to in my car and I look forward to the familiar music I love and the exposure to new works! PLEASE keep this cultural oasis for us!
  • Robert Reimer
    signed 2017-11-01 06:16:21 -0600
    Robert Reimer
  • Susan Anderson
    signed 2017-10-31 22:23:47 -0600
    We love this classical music programming!
  • Janet Porter
    signed via 2017-10-31 21:12:31 -0600
    The published intent of KBYU to discontinue broadcasting classical music is very troubling to many of us, especially when the intent is to replace it with the current fads: news and talk shows. Rather than enlighten the minds of listeners, the station intends to add to the endless stream of political poison, loquacious logic, and sagacious sarcasm already filling the airways.
    The very fact that the talk show forum is so popular speaks of its ability to focus the public mind on triviality. People no longer wish to engage in face-to-face conversation or elevated thoughts generated by great music. The only surprise is that BYU is going along with it. I would think such a station would make a bold attempt to bring attention to the importance of the finer aspects of music and thought.
  • Don Pearson
    signed 2017-10-31 20:56:16 -0600
    Don E. Pearson
  • Lise Stringham
    signed 2017-10-31 15:50:41 -0600
  • Sherman Williams
    signed 2017-10-31 15:05:37 -0600
  • Nancy Taylor
    signed 2017-10-31 14:46:01 -0600
  • Kaleb Brown
    signed 2017-10-31 14:16:50 -0600
  • Skip Rynearson
    signed 2017-10-31 12:30:22 -0600
  • Bruce Ellis
    signed 2017-10-31 12:23:56 -0600
    Classical 89 is a oasis in a desert! It is the only station I listen to on my car radio. It is the only station I listen to at home. The music brings the Spirit and peace into my home and life.
  • Deborah Larsen
    signed 2017-10-31 11:47:13 -0600
  • Kristin Garbett
    signed 2017-10-31 11:08:49 -0600
  • Bonnie Bryner
    signed via 2017-10-31 11:01:33 -0600
    Bonnie Bryner
  • Kristin Pruett
    signed 2017-10-31 11:00:01 -0600
    I listen weekly. Please preserve this resource.
  • Beverly Terry
    signed via 2017-10-31 10:37:13 -0600
    If there is anything lovely or praiseworthy it is classical 89! Our state and world need beautiful music at their finger tips if we expect to be a civilized society. It is ironic and incongruous for KBYU to delete such programming when it is so badly needed by an emotionally drained and morally bankrupt country. Do not do this disservice to the people of our state. Our family uses this site daily to add beauty and solace to our lives.
  • Linda Cole
    signed 2017-10-31 10:18:00 -0600
    Music is the language of the Universe! Classical Music is boundless!!
  • Nancy Mascarenas
    signed 2017-10-31 09:25:37 -0600
    I don’t listen all the time. I like variety in my music, but without this choice, I lose the option of classical music. Please reconsider.
  • Linda Flanders
    signed 2017-10-31 09:13:11 -0600
  • Taylor Smith
    signed 2017-10-31 08:46:52 -0600
  • Elizabeth Hancock
    signed 2017-10-31 08:38:52 -0600
  • Jacob Clement
    signed 2017-10-31 08:23:29 -0600
  • Karre Nevarez
    signed 2017-10-31 08:17:05 -0600
    With the emphasis moving to other forms of learning, it is even more important, now, to invest in the arts and allow families to expose their children in another way. Don’t take a public form of classical music away.
  • Daniel McPherson
    signed 2017-10-31 08:15:20 -0600
    I love the classical 89 station and the wonderful music it provides