When July 31, 2019 at 6:00pm 5 hrs 59 mins
Contact Roselit Bone at RYE Diner & Drinks [email protected]
Portland-based band Roselit Bone brings their "apocalyptic cowboy music" to an intimate setting.

"Led by genre bender, jurist of surrealism, and voice-thrower Charlotte McCaslin, Roselit Bone tracked Crisis Actor at Supernatural Sound in Oregon City, Or., over several days, and the result is stupendous. With an immense seven piece band, these incredibly talented singers and players tap into every conceivable genre. Crisis Actor is a bizarrerie of song, a black mass of greased leather that oozes cool, and billows terror. It transforms perceptually from cojunto to cosmic country, from surf to rockabilly, transporting the listener from black forests to lonely casinos. It lives mournfully, and defiantly, in motels and dive bars of the mind, guided by strings, gliding on woodwinds and brass, over the heat mirage of steel and electric guitars. Roselit Bone is the dark american dream Nick Cave has spent his life trying to realize. Sensitive, complex, poetic movements draw you in with art so real you can taste it. An uncommon country outfit, they twist tortuously away from the dry hump of americana kitsch, into backmasking conniptions, paranoiac apophenia, indulging evil urges most of us spend our lifetimes pressing back in the muqarnas of our skull pans. McCaslin tics vocally from honey throated lounge singer, to doo wop hybrid of Screamin Jay Hawkins and Moon Mullican, and the band follows her like an orchestra of demons. They do all of the above on just the first track of the album." - American Standard Time