PEA 1.23.18

  • Approve Minutes – PEA subcommittee meeting: Tuesday Jan 23, 2018 @ 8 A.M. 445 State Capitol Building
  • Session Introductions, Schedule, & Procedures
  • Education Plans – Review, update, and Next Steps by the State Board of Education and Governor (Education Elevated & Education Excellence)



Superintendent Dixon:

Performance measures: Graduation rate, ACT, Readiness coursework, proficiency in core academic subject areas

Close gaps in access to education opportunities include “measuring progress on access to readiness courses, the Arts, and STEM course”

Tammy Pfiefer from Governer’s office:                                                                                                                                              

  • Education roadmap printed
  • Focus area for this year – Access and equity
  • WPU Add-on for special education dominated the conversation
  • Teaching is a Solitary profession in the United States. What is being doing to negate this isolating structure?


  • STEM Action Center – Strategic Plan

Begun 4-5 years ago

What do you do? Working with community partners to help Utah students’ success in STEM, which prepares them for 21st century. 

                                           ***What about the Arts & Humanities?***

Rep. Briscoe (D) – STEM endorsement program numbers? Over 300 that fulfilled endorsement.   420 elementary teachers pursuing STEM endorsement.

“Do you ever use the word STEAM?” ***YES!***  Cross-disciplinary programs and teachers into the discussion (like Ruth Watkins encourages on the U of U).  Are we getting siloed?

  • Fun collaborations. We do talk about steam a lot, and DO steam a lot. 
  • Implementing Arts and Bots program, connection with Carnegie Mellon CREATE lab.
  • Arts and Humanities crossover funding
  • Heritage and division arts
  • Creative staffing - liaison position for STEAM in the works

Rep Briscoe (D) :  STEAM is not listed in the report/power point despite the apparent passion for arts collaborations expressed by administrator of the STEM action center program.  She said that she was jotting down notes to remember to update report information to address that.  Another Rep mentioned that Rep Briscoe asked the question about STEAM that she was intending to ask. (Maybe Rep. Pulsipher?)

Primarily STEM computer programs implemented being used at the school.

Extensive data concerning usage, conceptions, etc. to all those that request, but does not include anything related to STEAM

  • Public Education Budget Overview & Base Budget

Rep. Adam Robertson & Ben Leishman (App. Jan 10, 2018) PEBO - $6.2 Billion Dollars

From the State Board of Education: Emphasis on collaborating to establish performance measures being stated prior to implementation instead of after the fact.

Fine Arts Outreach (Slide on powerpoint): Disconnect on what is being measured and target.  She recommends updated measures or different targets.

  • Other Business
  • Adjourn


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