Now's the time to be Eleemosynary @ Pygmalion (until March 11)

means "charitable, the giving of alms"
How perfect then that March 1 begins 
Love Utah Give Utah
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by Lee Blessing
Directed by Jeremy Chase
Performances February 24 - March 11, 2017
Featuring Barb Gandy, Tracie Merrill, Sydney Shoell
Eleemosynary probes into the delicate relationship of three singular women: the grandmother, Dorothea, who has sought to assert her independence through strong-willed eccentricity; her brilliant daughter, Artie (Artemis), who has fled the stifling domination of her mother; and Artie's daughter, Echo, a child of exceptional intellect and sensitivity, whom Artie has abandoned to an upbringing by Dorothea.

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