When June 25, 2022 at 6:15pm 2 hrs 45 mins
Contact NOW-ID Presents ALLY UP! A Contemporary Dance Tailgater [email protected]
A NOW-ID outdoor contemporary dance and art gallery event, (very) loosely inspired by the American Tailgater, and the Poetry of a Wrestling Match.

At the confluence of three alleys and parking lots, in the muralled, parking lot 'court' at Salt Lake City's Maven District. Inspired in part by an all-female wrestling match witnessed in Mexico where the ring was lit by pickup truck headlights, AND an American roadshow-come-tailgater... The Inaugural (We Hope!) @NOWWIDWORKS / @MAVENSLC Event + Ballet Tailgater, with dancers Tara McArthur and Sydney Sorenson as Goo Goo Goldrush and Thunder Rose; text-based conceptual artist Jamie Clyde; sound designer and engineer Adam Day; Ty Dickerson and Hope Hornbeck on wieners and libation-assist; [secrets] and YOU!