Newsletter: Americans for the Arts Private Sector Network Updates–August 2016

Americans for the Arts Updates–August 2016
A program of the Private Sector Network at Americans for the Arts
Americans for the Arts Updates–August 2016
A program of the Private Sector Network at Americans for the Arts
Webinar: 2016 BCA 10 Businesses in Action
Each year the BCA 10 honors ten businesses that have been exceptional partners with the arts. These companies set the standard of excellence and serve as role models for other businesses to follow. Hear directly from 2016 honorees–Dogfish Head Brewery, Austin Energy, and Johnson & Johnson–about why they partner with the arts and learn how to create successful partnerships with the businesses in your community. Join Americans for the Arts on Wednesday, September 7 at 3pm eastern and learn how businesses are partnering with arts programs to fuel community development and determine the best tools, talking points, and approaches for starting conversations with businesses in your community. Register here
Virtual Meeting: Cultural Tourism–Funding, Measurements, and Why
Cultural Tourism is an effective strategy for communities to strengthen their local economy and a part of making their city a cultural destination. Building on the conversation at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston, join us for an informative and lively discussion around the impact of cultural tourism and how to evaluate efforts. Facilitators include Johnathon Glus of the Houston Arts Alliance, Sheri Chaney Jones of Measurement Resources Company, and Ruby Lopez Harper of Americans for the Arts. Register here
Announcing the 2016 BCA Hall of Fame Award and BCA Leadership Award Honorees
Americans for the Arts is pleased to announce the BCA Hall of Fame and BCA Leadership Award honorees for 2016.  The awards are presented annually by the Business Committee for the Arts (BCA), a division of Americans for the Arts. Aetna, Inc., health care company, will receive the 2016 BCA Hall of Fame Award, which recognizes companies that have exhibited exceptional long-term vision, leadership, and commitment to developing alliances in the arts. Aetna, Inc. was a BCA 10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts honoree in 2011. Robert Buchsbaum, Chief Executive of Blick Art Materials, will receive the 2016 BCA Leadership Award, which recognizes an individual for his/her extraordinary vision, leadership, and commitment to supporting the arts and for encouraging other businesses to follow in his/her lead.
Sixth pARTnership Movement Essay
Americans for the Arts recently released the sixth installment in The pARTnership Movement essay series: Say Thanks. The new release contains hard data, two notable case studies, and many reasons why the arts are a great way to show appreciation for your employees. The facts and figures are clear: the perfect way to inspire your employees is by providing access to arts experiences that show your appreciation for their contributions. To view and download our Say Thanks essay and the rest of The pARTnership Movement’s essays and new items, visit
Americans for the Arts Staff Cultural Equity Blog Salon
“We are… launching our first ever blog salon populated by posts from across the staff of Americans for the Arts. As part of our broader work on cultural equity, and our ongoing commitment to being transparent about the internal process we’re going through to become a more equitable organization, we invited our colleagues to reflect on what it means to work toward cultural equity. To be as inclusive as possible, we offered staff members who weren’t inclined to write the opportunity to instead sit down for an interview. I had the great honor of being the one in the room for those interviews, and the equally great honor of gathering up and curating the posts you’ll see over the next two weeks. And I’ve got to say, it’s hugely inspiring and deeply humbling to hear where people’s passions come from, and where their fears come from.” –Clay Lord, Vice President of Local Arts Advancement. Read more voices and opinions from Americans for the Arts staff members on our internal equity work, as well as the state of the field.
Americans Speak Out About the Arts
It’s undeniable—the arts transform people and communities every day. But how do United States citizens feel about the arts? Do they value artistic activities and arts education? Do our country’s citizens feel the arts are an important part of their lives and do they support government funding for the arts? New research by Americans for the Arts provides an in-depth look at the perceptions and attitudes about the arts in the United States. An Americans for the Arts and Ipsos Public Affairs survey of more than 3,000 American adults over the age of 18 in December 2015, provides current insight on topics including support for arts education and government arts funding, personal engagement in the arts, the personal benefits and well-being that come from engaging in the arts, and if/how those benefits extend more broadly to the community. Explore and the information below to better understand how your neighbors and community members feels about the arts. Use what you learn from the public opinion poll for advocacy and storytelling, and share these discoveries through your websites, publications, and social media.
From the pARTnership Movement 
When you look around your office, you probably have all of the necessities of a work environment- a desk, computer, phone, pens, paper. But something just as necessary might be missing on the white walls around you: a work of art. Art collections are a growing trend in the corporate world, and businesses are starting to realize that investing in artwork goes beyond simply owning a decorative piece. Read more
It’s an adage that always rings true- behind every great artist is a great teacher. Americans for the Arts would like to congratulate educators Isaac AlaridPease, Jessica Clark, and Bryan Wilson on their selection as the 2016 Golden Educator Residents! For a second year, BCA 10 honoree Golden Artist Colors has partnered with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers to recognize the importance of work done by arts educators around the nation in inspiring each new generation of thinkers, innovators, and artists. Read more
The arts and business can easily flow together, even when it comes to water conservation. Just ask Kohler Co., a global leader in manufacturing kitchen products, engines and power systems, premier furniture, and the operator of two five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations. Kohler recently teamed up with The Nature Conservancy, a leading conservation organization located in all 50 states and more than 69 countries, and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to promote smart water use to over 36,000 concert attendees. Read more
From ARTSblog
What defines a philanthropic pioneer? ArtsFund in Seattle, WA celebrates the Boeing Company’s 100th year of giving, showcasing how it exemplifies how a committed corporate citizen can shape and impact its community.Read more
An office, study space, or hospital room is rarely seen as a space that is ripe with opportunities for artistic engagement. However, Steelcase–a global leader in office furniture, interior architecture, and space solutions–sees each spatial design opportunity in much the same way an artist views a blank canvas. The company aims to build better business and an engaged workforce through the design of our spaces. Read more
RACC in Portland, OR is looking for a Business Partnership Manager, responsible for building and maintaining relationships with local businesses and corporations, deepening and expanding their involvement in the arts through workplace giving, arts-related sponsorships, and other public-private partnerships. Learn more
ArtsMemphis is looking for a Director of Grants and Initiatives, who will spearhead strategies for investing in the arts community, as well as provide the leadership, direction, and coordination needed to ensure that donor dollars are allocated in an equitable and effective manner. Learn more
ArtsWave is Cincinnati, OH is searching for a Manager of Corporate & Employee Engagement, who will seeks ways to deepen and expand involvement and support among the region’s businesses. Learn more
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