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15 BYTES: November 2017 Edition
Artist Profile: Kristina Lenzi
 Overall, the founder of the Salt Lake City Performance Art Festival and painter with an upcoming exhibition at The Gallery at Library Square is in a pretty good place these days. "I know enough now not to be worried about the drama of life. I'm out of school; I have a career; I'm pretty confident about what I do as an artist; I have friends. My body's going to crap, but other than that I think emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, everything is just kind of understood". . .

Katie Paterson

The Cubism of Picasso and Braque captured the outsides of objects, but here we are inside, where a maelstrom of light flows over, under, and all around us. In some places, the entire field moves as one, but elsewhere two overlapping flocks move through the same space at angles to each other. Spatial perspective brings them closer together in the distance, while they fly apart as they approach. If watched for more than a few seconds, these constellations may fade into darkness like the eclipsed face of the sun, then come back and shine again....     

Jean Richardson

In Destination Unknown, Richardson explores themes of displacement and space, using envelopes and packaging to examine what it means to move or to inhabit a different place. An immigrant from Scotland, the artist has lived in several different countries and has sent more than her fair share of letters. Though she says she loves to travel and have new experiences, she can be crippled by missing her family and home. To illustrate these feelings of conflicting desires to travel and be with family, she makes envelope collages, using traditional map folds to give the glued collages a three-dimensional form...     

Will Lamson

Minerology's uses of geological processes as an active participant in the creation of a work is similar to Lamson's trademark approach to artmaking where nature creates materiality and in that creation, makes meaning. But here, that process feels more personal-less about land and markmaking, and more about loss, and its inevitability. In a dilapidated military building in Utah's west desert, Lamson has created a ghostly interment for entropic memory.

Marine & Kruback

The works of Naomi Marine and Matt Kruback remind us, as we must remind ourselves every time a precept threatens to become a pattern on the way to a rule, that appearances are deceiving, and especially so because our minds so desperately want to be deceived. I rarely feel this way, but I can't help thinking that it would be great if the entire show could be kept together, since the individual delights gain from being so earnestly, if speciously, collected together.

Ilse Bing

People often say the first thing they would grab in the event of a disaster is their family photos. If that is true, then what are today's refugees saving? If you could only take one thing, what would it be? A hard drive of images (today's negatives)? The nature of film and printed photographs - fragile, yes, but not as fragile as a computer which cannot be salvaged from water or a long fall, or work without electricity - is conducive to survival. They can survive the elements in ways modern technology cannot and I wonder if stories like Bing's will exist for people born after the 20th century....     

A Taste of Utah Valley

Though there is not a specific unifying theme or overall idea to this show, it is a wonderful selection of current projects by the UVU staff. From graphite portraits to musical pieces, there is a broad range of art that can appeal to any viewer, from the dedicated appreciators of realism to those who prefer conceptual, new genre pieces. Among these interesting and thought-provoking pieces are a few faculty members who seem to be circling the same themes, commenting on our current political climate, environmentalism, and specific concerns to the Provo/Orem area, inspiring viewers to look for ways to effect real change... 

Author Profile: Brad Roghaar 
 This year, on November 16, for the second time, Roghaar will open the Mayor's Awards in the Arts, a program created to provide an opportunity to shine the light of recognition on individual artists and arts organizations that are making a difference in the community through the arts. Each category, from literary to performing arts, and from advocacy to lifetime achievement are nominated by the public for an award. And this year Brad Roghaar will write and read about a city that lives and thrives between two rivers. He will do it as a friend, as an accomplished poet, and as treasured son of a city that needed one of its own-its first poet laureate-to speak for it...

Trent Call

This show becomes a mirror of sorts for the undermining of what is real and what we thought was real. Each object creates for us not only a challenge to our sense of value, but a somewhat stinging reminder that we're all doing our best to hide from a culture of manipulation by altering our realities. We know we're being deceived, but like the faces across the room, we're still somehow shocked by the idea of it...     

Gerald Elias

The possible shuttering of Classical 89 got you down? In this interview,violinist and former Utah Symphony associate concertmaster Gerald Elias says he's optimistic about the future of classical music. He also let's us in on what's in the future for his Daniel Jacobus mystery series, the most recent of which was a finalist for the 15 Bytes book award.     


3 Irons

Joy Haynes and Steven Labrum call themselves a creativity support group. What started as a weekly challenge between two friends to do something - anything - creative has grown. The results of these collaborations may be small and intimate or enormous - like the side of four-story building...     
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The New Gateway 

Since it was purchased by Phoenix-based Vestar more than a year ago, The Gateway outdoor mall is gradually re-brandeding itself as a destination for art, entertainment, and culture. That's not to say shopping has taken a backseat, but shoppers are in for some surprising encounters with art. And this is only the beginning of Vestar's plans for the property...  

The Weyward Sisters

The Weyward Sisters, by local playwright L. L. West, is a quaint journey through a never-before-seen side of "Macbeth" that is both hilarious and refreshing, with the three leading ladies carrying the story brilliantly through to its conclusion...     

Ballet West's Icons

Ballet West's fall offering is loaded with icons. The world premiere of Nicolo Fonte's Carmina Burana draws inspiration from Carl Orff's well-known score that set the poetry of medieval clergy to music, and Serenade, the first work choreographed by George Balanchine in the United States is a masterwork of 20th-century ballet...      
Gibbs Smith: 1940 -2017
 From the archives: We remember the influential Utah publisher, who died on October 28, with this 2011 profile.

"The minute I enter the reception area of Gibbs Smith Publisher, among the expected stacks of books I am struck by the large oil painting of southern Utah hanging on the wall. It is by the publisher, who, in addition to running a successful publishing house for over 40 years, is an avid painter... 


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