Natural Resources 1.25.18

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee 

Thursday, January 25, 2018, 8:00 a.m. 


Approval of Minutes 

Department of Agriculture and Food Base Budget 

Most of the discussion revolved around Brand renewal and livestock.

Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office Base Budget 

Division of Parks and Recreation Base Budget  

The Bill (Sponsored by Rep. Noel) 2 line items.  Operations and Capital budgets

Three performance measures, including visitation numbers, revenue collections

Funding sources – Costumer fees (Majority of funds raised here), Roads, Off-Road Vehicle Registrations

25 of Utah State Parks are self-sustaining and even profitable from self-raised funds, except for golf courses, which receive sub. from other parks around the state.  There is talk about sending Golf Courses to the private sector (Specifically soldier hallow area).  General funds go towards upkeep of museums, curator fees, A/C etc. to preserve artifacts.  User fees going to facilities.  Lower fees for weekdays.  Have not increased fees, just getting more visitors.

This Is The Place Heritage Park- very resourceful with the help of Ellis Ivory.  Viable using resources mostly gathered from park and costumer attendance.  There expenses have increased dramatically over the past few years (about 3 to 4 times) but have not requested more money from the state to cover those expenses.

Reallocations discussed.  Not recommendations, just possibilities.  

Eliminate dead horse campground OnM and support with restricted funds ($20,000)

Unused Match intent language for This is the Place, $50,000 from Salt Lake City or County.  Not able to convince them to provide that $50,000.  3 options: Remove intent language and send to park, leave it in the D of P R, or reprioritize it.  (fine with the withdrawal on all fronts)

Lots of compliments, grateful for the cleanliness, and outreach to privatized facilities such as zip line, water area, etc.

Museums- funding agreements with federal agencies to assist in increased maintenance needs.

Senator Dayton- Compliments *Edge of the Cedars Museum* Federal requirements without current funds to support these extensive funds. Any agreements in place?

Fred Hayes Response – Close to signing agreement with the Bureau of Land Management to signing an agreement for the following.

***Edge of the Cedars Museum is the reason people started coming to the area.  There is talk of flipping this museum into the eastern visitor center for the bear’s ears area.

Sen. Dayton – Good News, Grandfather founded.  Dedicated a room in his house to collections, then donated.  Utilizing this space for more allure is good. Sen. Hayes mentions that along with that comes federal monies to help with sustaining the artifacts, as well as worldwide exposure.

Sen.  - Back to the golf course, addressing bond payment, which is the reason for the debt.  Operating statement?

  1. Protection of Physical Assets Maintenance
  2. Quality care of customers
  3. Develop State Park Business

(Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands Base Budget) Did not get to, rescheduled for next session

(Other Business) None


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