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  • Gabriel Dawe: Plexus No. 29

    What I like about this work is that it’s very approachable; there is a universal connection. It helps us to connect to that sense of wonder you have as a child – it bypasses your mind and touches something else. -Gabriel Dawe   The two translucent structures filtering through the Museum’s skylight appear to be luminous rays of light refracted through a giant prism. Gabriel Dawe’s stunning Plexus no. 29 is a corporeal installation of colored filament meticulously threaded between the Museum’s mezzanine walls and oculus. The artist used a custom-made 15-foot tall “needle” to weave nearly 80 miles of thread in the creation of these site-specific architectural forms above. As each strand is individually passed through a series of hooks, a unified network—or plexus—is formed, which provides the inspiration for the title of the series. Gabriel Dawe’s work explores the concept of light as a language of symbolism. By making the immaterial material, he reveals the hidden world of organized and structured systems that guide our everyday lives. The vibrant saturated colors span the entire visible spectrum of light, evoking individual parts that make up an intrinsic whole. Dawe first used textiles in his art as an exploration of architecture and fashion, creating large-scale works out of thread, a medium typically utilized in the creation of clothing. As a child, Dawe was intrigued by the vibrant fabrics in his native Mexico, but social customs did not permit boys to engage in domestic pursuits such as embroidery. The use of thread as the medium for his artistic production is a way of questioning and subverting the machismo and gender constructs that Dawe encountered growing up. In his inaugural address, Brigham Young University President Kevin Worthen encouraged BYU students to become “elevated and etherealized.” Dawe hopes that as viewers encounter this work they will reconnect with a sense of child-like wonder and contemplate the transcendent power of light.

  • Haikus, Modernism and Stanton MacDonald-Wright

    Stanton MacDonald-Wright’s “Haiga Portfolio” (1965-1966) blends Eastern and Western influences, pairing vibrant modernist paintings with haikus written by some of Japan’s most influential poets.

    Stanton MacDonald-Wright’s “Haiga Portfolio” (1965-1966) blends Eastern and Western influences, pairing vibrant modernist paintings with haikus written by some of Japan’s most influential poets. The term “haiga” refers to a style of Japanese painting by haiku poets, whose poems are known for their brevity and simplicity. Each of the ten prints that compose the “Haiga Portfolio” have a corresponding haiku. The “Haiga Portfolio” exemplifies the 20th century modernist movement Synchromism, cofounded in 1913 by MacDonald-Wright and Morgan Russell. The movement sought to arrange color in the same way that sound is composed in music and is considered the first American avant-guard movement to be accepted internationally. Seventy-five years old at the time of the portfolio’s creation, MacDonald-Wright employed the use of energetic, swirling shapes coupled with dense, vivid colors orchestrated in the modernist style and the rhythm of Synchromism.

  • Latinx from the NEHMA Collection

    Latinx works of art represent a growing part of the NEHMA collection and reflect a significant influence in Western American art.

    Latinx works of art represent a growing part of the NEHMA collection and reflect a significant influence in Western American art. New acquisitions by Yolanda Gonzalez, Leo Limón, Paul Sierra and Eloy Torrez will be featured in Latinx from the Collection as well as a grouping of paños, artworks created on handkerchiefs by artists incarcerated in Texas penitentiaries. Latinx from the NEHMA Collection is co-curated by USU Art History Professor Alvaro Ibarra and NEHMA Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Bolton Colburn.


    A Survey of Contemporary Photography in Utah July 18, 2019 through January 12, 2020 Since its invention, photography has played a role in constructing and projecting Utah’s identity. Yet the most prominent images often reflect government and corporate interests, from the nineteenth-century promotion of Manifest Destiny to today’s marketing of the outdoor recreation industry. While our beloved landscapes­­­—unique, vast, and varied—are a deep source of pride, they represent only part of what Utah is as a place and people. DE | MARCATION, a limited-edition portfolio surveying the work of Utah contemporary photographers, challenges traditional notions of the West and highlights the state’s complexity. Produced in 2018, the portfolio reflects Utah’s increasing cultural diversity with the majority of its twenty contributing photographers being born outside of Utah, and five outside the United States. Utah’s remarkable and (popular, or often photographed?) landscape does resonate in the works, but it plays a supporting role to gender and power studies, to the investigation of the built environment, and to documentary and conceptual performance practices—all aspects of (recent, or contemporary?) global photographic inquiry. More than a physical object, the unique portfolio represents a generous act of building and supporting community. DE | MARCATION is the brainchild of artist Amy Jorgensen, executive director of Granary Arts and the head of photography at Snow College. Jorgensen and artist Ed Bateman, University of Utah associate professor of photography and digital imaging, involved a network of artists and arts professionals from across the state and beyond to communally determine the content and scope of the portfolio. For instance, the U’s Book Arts Program played a key role with Red Butte Press, the program’s letterpress publishing imprint, producing the portfolio’s non-photographic materials including its bespoke clamshell box. Many voices had input in shaping DE | MARCATION, and the very act of creation galvanized a community by recognizing a photographic strength and uniting creative networks. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is honored to extend the project’s spirit of generosity and community building by acquiring and exhibiting the significant work. DE | MARCATION is emblematic of our thriving creative community, but it also presents a de-centered understanding of place, one that is multifaceted and inextricably connected to a globalized world. Within the UMFA’s collection, this insightful snapshot of ideas and attitudes will yield information and inspire creativity for visitors, students, researchers, and artists for a long time. Artists included in the portfolio include: Kimberly Anderson, Christine Baczek, David Baddley, Edward Bateman, David Brothers, Van Chu, Samuel Davis, Daniel George, Haynes Goodsell, Mark Hedengren, Amy Jorgensen, Natalie Kirk, Karalee Kuchar, Carsten Meier, Bernard C. Meyers, Andrew Patteson, Kim Raff, Nancy E. Rivera, Fazilat Soukhakia, and Josh Winegar  

  • Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure - Salt Lake City

    Solve clues and complete challenges while you have fun seeing the sights of Salt Lake City. Enjoy this #1 rated activity 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. Sign up at UrbanAdventureQuest.com.

    Turn Downtown Salt Lake, Temple Square and the Capitol Building into a giant game board with this fun scavenger hunt adventure. Combine the excitement of the Amazing Race with a three-hour city tourGuided from any smart phone, teams make their way among well known and overlooked gems of the city, solving clues and completing challenges while learning local history.
    Available 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset.  Start when you want and play at your pace. Save 20% – Only $39.20 for a team of 2-5 people after Promotion Code: NPUTAH. Sign up online at www.UrbanAdventureQuest.com.

  • Abstraction Is Just A Word, But I Use It.

    MAIN GALLERY: JUN 28, 2019- JAN 4, 2020

    Languages evolve from gestures and sounds to a system of words, phrases, and in some cases, letters or hieroglyphics. Today, there are roughly 6,500 languages spoken around the world. Language is also something that continues to evolve with society. New words are introduced, and older words die out, shift, continue, or alter their meaning from the original intent over time. The same evolutionary process could be applied to the term abstraction, especially within art circles. Abstraction developed as a visual language that existed outside representational art, one that relied on color, shape, form, and composition to evoke a response from the viewer and to be self-referential. In some cases, abstraction was about honesty—pure paint on canvas, free from illusion and artifice. But as abstraction has evolved as an artistic practice over decades of use, artists have adopted and personalized abstraction, developing their own use of that visual language and assigning their own meaning. In a way, they have created their own coded language within the broader use of the term abstraction, in their own individualized dialect.

  • Dreamscapes - Immersive Art Exhibit

    • Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM
    • Dreamscapes in Salt Lake City, UT
    Saving the World through Art

    A world of pure re-imagination, where immersive physical and digital artworks take you on an ethereal journey. dreamscapes manifests the surreal nature of the subconscious in a 14,000 square foot labyrinth suitable for all ages to play, explore and of course, dream. Our Dream Makers include more than 50 Utah artists and builders working with reclaimed materials donated by local partners. dreamscapes is Utah’s first environmentally sustainable immersive art attraction. Don’t miss this limited opportunity to dream with your eyes open as you move through the colorful vignettes designed to change the way that you experience art. dreamscapes is a project of the Utah Arts Alliance, a Utah nonprofit with a mission to foster the arts in all forms in order to create an aware, empowered, and connected community.

  • Game Night Live Trivia at Trolley Wing Company (Mi

    GNL presents Trivia that is fun and relaxed. Join us at Midvale 's Trolley Wing Co at 7:00 p.m. every Tuesday for a chance to win some prizes and play trivia with your new friends!

    Finally, a trivia game for everyone! Picture rounds, word jumbles, multiple choice and more. A game for people who like games, not just trivia masters. FREE to play and always fun. We run 2 one hour games so you have more chances to win...or start over if your losing bad:)

  • Lit Knit!

    • Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 06:00 PM – October 09, 2019
    • Weller Book Works in Salt Lake City, UT

    Join Catherine the Knit Chick and her Craft Circle for casual bookish conversation! Lit Knit is held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

  • Country Swing Level 1

    • Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 07:00 PM – October 09, 2019
    • DF Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, UT
    Come join us in learning Moves from butterfly & other beginners country swing steps.

    Stop being a wallflower watching others groove on the dance floor at bars & parties. Join us in learning Country Swing! This month we will be learning moves from butterfly. https://www.dfdancestudio.com/country-dancing.html No partner is required, absolute beginners are WELCOME! Starts: Every Wednesday @ 7pm Never danced Country Swing? That's alright! We will teach you all you need to know to lead & follow with confidence on the dance floor. Register today! https://www.dfdancestudio.com/country-dancing.html DF Dance Studio 801.466.0490