Meet Diego, male sea lion @ Hogle Zoo

He swims, he leaps, he's been known to climb - meet Diego!
Dashing Diego Says Hello
Utah's Hogle Zoo is pleased to introduce full-grown male sea lion, Diego!

12 year-old Diego arrived in January from Indianapolis Zoo and has been getting acquainted with his keepers, his pool and his fellow pinnipeds (Maverick, the other sea lion, and the three harbor seals).

"We could not be more pleased with Diego's calm, agreeable disposition, or how well he's adjusted to his new home," said Rocky Shores keeper, Michelle Hanenburg. 

Diego is an impressive 667 pounds (compared to Maverick at 480 pounds) and came to Hogle Zoo with more than 50 learned 'behaviors,' including: a front flipper stand, smiling and doing the boogie! 
Your chance to meet Diego and see him in action:

Thursday, Feb. 16. Keepers will do a sea lion training session with Diego at 11:30a. GREAT chance to see what he can do!
Press can also visit and get footage from 11a - 1p. Keepers will be on hand for interviews.

Please contact Erica Hansen, 801-541-6112.
Utah's Hogle Zoo, 2600 Sunnyside Ave., Rocky Shores
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