When September 06, 2019 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Contact Lenka Konopasek: Remnants [email protected]
An exhibition of 3D paper sculpture by Salt Lake City artist Lenka Konopasek opens at The Argo House in Ogden.

Lenka Konopasek is a painter, sculptor and installation artist whose work comments on the beauty of destruction while raising important questions about the environmental consequences of human behavior. Based in Salt Lake City, Konopasek has exhibited her work in museums and galleries across the country and internationally, her most recent exhibition being “Mimicry” at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art this past summer. “Remnants,” presented by independent curator Kelly Carper in collaboration with The Argo House, is an exhibition of Konopasek’s powerful three dimensional paper sculptures that defy the fragility of their medium with a dark and dangerous presence. The show will open with an artist reception including live music and refreshments on September 6th during Ogden's First Friday Art Stroll. “With my objects, I contrast finely crafted and strangely beautiful images against harsh repulsion to draw attention to the beauty of violence,” says Konopasek. “I translate these images into more abstract objects with prickly textures and complex structures that often mimic organic materials and formations found in nature.” Complex and painstakingly hand-made, Konopasek’s spiky surfaces and aggressive forms have been interpreted as scarred landscapes, hairy beasts and feathered creatures. Despite their eerie aura, each piece is gracefully composed, cascading from the wall in elegant, windswept strips. This dichotomy speaks directly to the heart of Konopasek’s work, which represents the seductive power of natural and manmade disasters. This timely exhibition also speaks to nature’s fragility, as the landscape is continuously scarred by humanity’s indifference toward environmental issues such as climate change and stewardship of our natural resources. “Remnants” illustrates this impact with an ominous tone, posing the question, what will be left behind?