When March 08, 2020 at 2:00pm 2 hrs
Contact KZMU Presents: Wormhole! A Radio Play [email protected]
Written by first time playwright Jenna Whetzel, "Wormhole!" takes place in Anytown, USA in the not-too-far future when four unlikely characters try to save the world from AI bots via wormhole and song.

Wormhole! Is the working title for this radio play. It takes place in Anytown, USA in the not too far future. In the first scene we meet Bob Starshine; a sunny, optimistic morning news anchor in Anytown. Bob is strident, eager to find the truth and help the world in any way he can. Throughout the last few years, he read apocalyptic headlines with a painted on smile that reassured viewers that things were going to get better, no matter what. The world’s problems were becoming too heavy for one person to bear. World leaders met and decided that they could not solve all of these problems and needed help. Non-human help. Help that came from the unknowable minds of artificial intelligence “Leader Bots” that would take over every government agency on earth. It seemed to be the only solution all of the heads of state could agree upon.  Bob learns that these bots intend to eradicate humans and take over the world! Bob needs a plan and so forms a band of world-savers: Athena Applegarden, a rocket scientist with a penchant for nuclear physics, Anna Hunsaker, a noted historian who teaches as well as writes about history, and Nelson Nargle, a bitter maintenance worker who works in Bob’s building and supplies the negative energy needed to stabilize the wormhole. This cast of unlikely heroes travel through time via wormhole to visit people and places with hopes up unlocking the key to global salvation. Will they save the world? Or will they find themselves trapped in a parallel musical universe? Or BOTH?!