Karina Brown // Democratic Party // Utah House District 5 (A+)

1. Should government invest in funding the arts and humanities at fiscally responsible levels?

Answer: Yes

2. Do you support investing money into K-12 arts and humanities education at fiscally responsible levels?

Answer: Yes

3. Do you believe that arts and humanities education should be required in the k-12 curriculum?

Answer: Yes

4. Do you consider the arts and culture sector to be an economic driver in Utah?

Answer: Yes

5. Do you support Utah's Percent-for-Art Act, which designates 1% of public building costs for public art?

Answer: Yes

6. Do you support preserving the Utah Historic Preservation Tax Credit?

Answer: Yes

7. Do you support policy that positively impacts tourism, such as the creation of historic and cultural districts?

Answer: Yes

8. Have you had a personal experience with arts, culture, or humanities that has had an impact on your life? Please explain. (responses to this question were not graded)


Summer 2016 and 2017 were special summers for our family. Our youngest two children Andy and Julia performed in Ragtime and Show Boat with the Utah Festival Opera and Musical Theater in 2016. I was the child wrangler for both shows and was privileged to see the cast up close in rehearsals and backstage. Summer 2017 both children performed in Music Man. At the end of the last show both of our children were in tears.

It was special to explain to our son Andy why the cast of Ragtime cried during a scene that highlighted race relations.

I play the violin and guitar. Our teen daughter Elizabeth plays the violin and our whole family plays the guitar.

Arts, culture, and humanities are a driving force in my life and the life of my family.


Explanations and Comments:

Thank you for promoting the arts in Utah. There is so much talent in our state.

Within the past few months  our 11 year old son Andy and I spoke at public meetings for Logan City Council and Cache County Council in support of Utah Festival Opera funding.