January 2017 edition of 15 Bytes


January 2017 Edition
Wayne Geary
Artist Profile: Wayne Geary 

Wayne Geary is a big fan of Salt Lake City's Main Library. He's a frequent patron, and holds a Friends' annual membership, which has allowed him to buy hundreds of CDs from the bi-annual library sales a day before most everyone else can. "That's when you get the really good stuff," he says. A year ago, however, the library was the scene of a life-threatening, not to mention career-ending, scare for the Salt Lake City artist: he fell in the underground library garage and broke his neck. Following surgery and a long recovery, though, he's back in his studio painting, listening to everything from the Stones to Mahler, while anticipating an important exhibit, Topographies, opening at the Gallery at Library Square on January 14 . . . 

Epics, Myths & Fables
Now on display in Park City, Epics, Myths and Fables transforms Meyer Gallery's mezzanine into a vision of three-dimensional folklore fantasy. Forty ceramic sculptures emit the curious intellect and imagination of their creators, who range from mid-career to established artists from all over the country. Not only does the exhibition present an array of allegorical journeys and mythic tales as told by 16 different artists, it also weaves together a telling narrative around the field of contemporary ceramics by placing side-by-side some of its most notable contributors. The result may be the finest exhibition of the medium ever to be held in the state of Utah. . .

John Sproul's Body to Body
The first thing to look for in any work of art is not some accessible translation, or a sense impression intended to be exchanged for a verbal equivalent. The cost of such easy access will be rapid exhaustion of whatever drew the eye in the first place. The first thing the eye should seek is the promise, which experienced viewers learn to identify, that there will never be a final discovery-an end to visual ravishment and the metaphorical unraveling that accompanies it. John Sproul's figures make that promise . . .  

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Minerva Teichert's Book of Mormon
How would things have been different if Minerva Teichert's paintings had been chosen to illustrate the Book of Mormon instead of Arnold Friberg's?  
Lane Twitchell's 

Do people enjoy art more if they have to work to find it? Go for a treasure hunt at Provo's Writ & Vision with Lane Twitchell's new exhibit.   
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Lynn Kilpatrick      

The Utah writer is part of our 3rd READ LOCAL event. 

James C. Christensen       

We remember Utah's beloved fantasy artist and BYU art professor.    

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