When November 30, 2021 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Contact Introduction to the Self-Portrait: How to Draw Yourself! with Dan McCahon [email protected]
This three hour course is an avenue into drawing through the subject you know best: yourself! This course will get you started on the basics of drawing using the art of self-portraiture.

The breakdown of this course is as follows: We will begin with a brief overview of self-portraiture in art, looking at examples of self portraits by artists like you throughout history. Then, we will talk about of the forms of the face, looking at how the planes of the face intersect and create what you see in the mirror. Understanding the subtlety of the face will help you draw it. Starting with simple concepts, such as where to put the eyes, nose and mouth, we will gradually move to more complex things, such as how to draw the little dent under your nose. Understanding the proportions of the will give us the tools we need to create striking self portraits. We will continue on from literal observation into the deeper task of understanding ourselves through the medium of drawing. Do you want to create perfect photographic likeness of yourself, perhaps you'd like to depict how you truly see yourself? Regardless of what you choose, self portraits are without limit, and allow you to delve into both learning how to make art, and how to make the art that you want to make. Art can be intimidating, and we at Workshop SLC hope that showing you a familiar face will help make it easier to approach and more fulfilling in the process. We can't wait to see you and help you see yourself!