When August 03, 2019 at 4:30pm 3 hrs
Contact Future Scholars of Africa Night [email protected]
Come, enjoy and support African performances, African Food and many more, as Future Scholar of Africa will be awarding scholarships to students.

Future Scholars of Africa (FSA) seeks to identify students committed to making a significant contribution to their communities; who demonstrate leadership potential, and who are prepared to excel academically. We are hosting our FSA Night event and we are excited to award $1,000 scholarship to two students (each). Most importantly, it seeks to reduce the financial barriers for: A. African students B. students who have one or more parents of African descendant C. students who have demonstrated interest and involvement in issues specifically pertaining to the African community The scholarship supports qualified undergraduates that are enrolled in colleges/technical schools in Utah working towards a degree/professional certificate. FSA Scholarship seeks to increase the representation of these students at colleges, technical colleges, and universities in Utah.