When September 29, 2019 at 3:00pm 8 hrs 59 mins
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Book reading and author series featuring author Dr. Sondra G. Jones, author of Being and Becoming Ute (University of Utah Press 2019).

Dr. Sondra G. Jones, Author of Being and Becoming Ute In her book, Being and Becoming Ute, (University of Utah Press, 2019), Dr. Sondra G. Jones traces the metamorphosis of the Ute people from a society of small, interrelated bands of mobile hunter-gatherers to sovereign, dependent nations—modern tribes who run extensive business enterprises and government services. Weaving together the history of all Ute groups—in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico—the narrative describes their traditional culture, including the many facets that define them as a people. Jones emphasizes how the Utes adapted over four centuries and details events, conflicts, trade, and social interactions with non-Utes and non-Indians. The book also explores the concerns of the modern Ute world including social and medical issues, transformed religion, and the fight to maintain Ute identity in the twenty-first century. Sondra Jones holds a PhD in history from the University of Utah. She has taught classes in American, World, Utah and Native American History, and courses on writing for the University of Utah, Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. Her publications include journal articles and books including the award-winning Don Pedro León Luján: The Attack against Indian Slavery and Mexican Traders in Utah (University of Utah Press, 19