When June 26, 2022 at 10:00am 5 hrs
Contact Distressed Mixed Media with Samantha daSilva [email protected]

Distressed Mixed Media Workshop incorporates collage, newspapers & paint scrapers to create simulated marks of age & wear. Play, experiment, have fun! Explore spontaneous creation with emphasis on "no rules!" Join professional artist Samantha da Silva as she shares her unorthodox method of painting: Rollers rather than brushes, tables instead of easels, lots of paint and water, canvas manipulation and plaster, salt, sand, and wood shavings to create ethereal, textured abstracts. Heart-centered discussions will be offered to assist you to let go of fear, silence the inner critic, turn up your intuition & explore your own artistic style in a safe, supportive environment including: 6 Questions to Help You Paint Fearless, Compassionate Critiques, How to tell your painting is finished, and so much more! Everyone is considered a beginner. No previous artistic experience necessary, just an open mind and an open heart.