Call for entry: Downtown Garden Stroll (Feb 24)

Downtown Garden Stroll

(Parks pop up on Main)

March 28 – May 14, 2017


Call for Entries

Artist Allowance: $3,000

($1500 upon selection; $1000 upon installation; $500 upon removal)

Entry Deadline: February 24th

Digital Submissions Preferred


March through May, downtown bursts with colors of spring. The Downtown Garden Stroll builds upon one of the premier urban gardens in the west, at Temple Square, and provides a sense of playfulness, surprise and discovery for downtown visitors.


Downtown SLC Presents and Salt Lake City are seeking proposals from artists to design, build and install pop-up parks on Main Street. Artists will build up from an 8’ x 20’ platform incorporating landscaping and seating along with elements of art, playfulness and fun. The Downtown Garden Stroll will run from March 28 to May 14 leading up to the flowers that bloom on Main Street and Mothers Day. A floral/garden theme is required for the platforms. There will be eight platforms placed between South Temple and 300 South. To encourage variety, we are seeking unique artists or artist teams for each of these small, park-like environments on Main Street. Partnership with floral designers and landscape specialists is encouraged though floral/landscape elements can be interpretive. Light maintenance and upkeep will be provided while the mini parks are in place.


Artist recognition and signage will be provided by Downtown SLC Presents and the Utah Division of Arts & Museums.


Artists may submit more than one entry for consideration. Only one entry per artist will be accepted.


The following are required for each entry. The selection committee will base their decision on these specifications as well as overall design concept and aesthetic:


  • Rendering of the proposed design
  • Timeline, plans for construction & budget (including any sponsorship or donations)
  • Floral/Garden theme with park-like elements
  • Interactive elements
  • Appropriate for the public right of way
  • Overhead elements must have a minimum clearance of 7 feet from the surface of the platform
  • Consider that all sides of the design will be visible
  • Green elements and/or representations of flowers and plants
  • Ensure wheelchair access (36” wide from any main entry point)
  • Materials appropriate for outdoor installation
  • Permanent seating – all non-permanent seating must be bolted down or removed at night


Installation must be complete by end of day March 27. A specific time will be designated on opening day when the artist will be available to talk to the public/media about the installation. The artist is responsible for removal and cleanup starting on May 15, finishing no later than the end of day on May 16, 2017.

The provided platforms are 8’ deep, 18 or 20’ wide and 1.5” thick with a ramped edge for accessibility. They are intended for artists to anchor the various elements of their design.

Special thanks to Salt Lake City Corporation, Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, Utah Division of Arts & Museums and Downtown SLC Presents for funding this program.


Please send your entries to the attention of Kristin Beck with the Downtown Alliance:


Downtown Garden Stroll is a project of Downtown SLC Presents, a nonprofit organization working to promote cultural and artistic experiences in Downtown Salt Lake City through placemaking, promotional activities and programs that enliven the cultural core of the community throughout the year.

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