Art Talk with Exhibiting Artist, Jimmi Toro @ The Kimball Art Center (Oct. 19)

Art Talk with Exhibiting Artist, Jimmi Toro
Thursday, October 19, 2017
6:00 p.m.
Main Gallery
All ages are encouraged to attend
In this engaging and interactive Art Talk, artist Jimmi Toro will look at his current body of work while sharing ideas about how one can challenge skills, expand creativity and begin to focus on a style that becomes uniquely one's own. Looking at how an artist progresses from drawing as a child, through their teenage years and into adulthood, Toro will be talking about what makes mature art, and how to recognize that development in one's work. Toro will be showing examples of his own progression by displaying a collection of pieces that he has kept throughout his years of pursuing art—from childhood through today.
As part of the Art Talk, Toro will invite the audience to participate in some simple drawing exercises that anyone can do. For the non-artist, they are entertaining and fun, but even to the serious artist, they are useful in challenging the way one looks at the world and how one approaches their own art. These ideas can apply to any artist no matter what medium and style they are using.
This Art Talk is open to the public.
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