Have you signed up yet for the free State History conference, “Rural Utah, Western Issues”? Here’s another reason we hope you will join us on September 30th: Dr. Patty Limerick’s keynote address.Dr. Limerick will explore the examples set by Utah historians, Juanita Brooks and Dale L. Morgan. How can the work, conduct, and character of those two close friends guide us today in the strenuous work of applying historical perspective to the dilemmas of the contemporary West? Leaving a legacy of guidance for her successors in Western American history, Juanita Brooks recorded the advice that her cowboy father gave her: I’ve learned that if I ride in the herd, I am lost—totally helpless. One who rides counter to [the herd] is trampled and killed. One who only trails behind means little, because he leaves all responsibility to others. It is the cowboy who rides the edge of the herd, who sings and calls and makes himself heard who helps direct the course. . . So don’t lose yourself, and don’t ride away and desert the outfit. Ride the edge of the herd and be alert, but know your directions, and call out loud and clear. Chances are, you won’t make any difference, but on the other hand, you just might. It may not be an everyday custom for Western American historians to embrace a life lesson offered by Western American cowboys, but on September 30th, Limerick will give this a try. Dr. Limerick is the Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West at the University of Colorado. In 1986, Limerick co-founded the Center of the American West, and since 1995 it has been her primary point of affiliation. During her tenure, the Center has published a number of books, including the influential Atlas of the New West (1997), and a series of lively, balanced, and to-the-point reports on compelling Western issues. The Center of the American West serves as a forum committed to the civil, respectful, problem-solving exploration of important, often contentious, public issues. You’ll find more conference details at https://heritage.utah.gov/history/2016-state-history-conference-schedule. We request RSVPs so we can provide you a tasty lunch. Thank you