When November 18, 2022 at 6:00pm 2 hrs
Contact "ashes of her enemy" Solo Exhibition by Cara Despain [email protected]
Current Work presents a new, solo exhibition by Miami-based artist Cara Despain.

Stop by during November gallery stroll to see <em>ashes of her enemy</em>, the latest exhibition at Current Work featuring artist Cara Despain. Working in photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and collected material, Despain creates artworks that evoke a stark beauty and iconic landscapes as a cover to address difficult issues of climate change and visualizing problematic human impacts on the environment. Born in Salt Lake City and currently living in Miami, Despain works between the two cities which affords unique opportunities to draw connections between seemingly disparate locales. Her work confronts the complicated relationship between humans and nature - that we are part of it, dependent on it, and contending with a legacy of exploiting it that may be our own undoing. How do we cope with the cognitive dissonance of the climate crisis and the residue of the wreckage – the dust and <em>ashes</em> – we leave in our wake? Current Work will be open to the public during gallery stroll from 6-8 pm on November 18  and by appointment through December 2, 2022.