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2016 Seaon in Review/2017 Season at a Glance


Salty Cricket [email protected] via 

Nov 11 (3 days ago)
to Crystal
2016 Season Review

2017 at a Glance

Dear Crystal!

As our 2016 season is winding down, we're gearing up for 2017.

2016 Highlights included:

  • Notable visitors who helped advocate for our mission including Sam Adler and Emily Freeman-Brown, and Jamie Bernstein.
  • Superb performances by our resident artist, cellist and new music specialist, Noriko Kishi
  • Other guest performers, hailng from the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera; BYU; Weber State; and Boston University. 
  • We also partnered with Utah Opera and The Bee to produce new operas telling important new Utah Stories.
And, of course, our 2016 season has been jam packed with amazing music by Utah composers who have created the diverse and original programming, you, have come to expect. 

In order to finish this year strong, please join us at the Urban Arts Gallery, Gateway Mall, onNovember 17th at 7:30pm for our last show, "Just Duet." This concert features performers:
  • David Feller on Clarinet 
  • Emily Brown on Viola
  • Cassie Olson on Cello
This concert will feature solos and duets by your favorite Utah Composers. Tickets are available now so hurry and buy your tickets now! We'd love to see you there!

Finally, we are pleased to present our 2017 season at a glance:

I. Salty // The Triumvirate
  • Thursday March 16 Percussion Trio
  • Eric Hopkins - Percussion
  • Noriko Kishi - Cello

II. Salty // 3 on 3: Wind Warfare

  • Thursday May 18 
  • Wind trio Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Brass trio 2 Trumpets and trombone (and doubling) 
  • Noriko Kishi - Cello

III. Salty // Liederabend

  • Thursday Sept. 21 
  • String Quartet plus Voice and Piano 
  • Noriko Kishi - Cello

IV. Salty Mélange // Salty’s Greatest Hits
  • Thursday Nov. 16 
  • Melange: Concert of Champions 
  • Noriko Kishi - Cello


Nathaniel Eschler, Artisitic Director
Salty Cricket Composers Collective
[email protected]