2017 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival announcement @ Davis County

Great Salt Lake Bird Festival announces Noah Strycker as the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 Festival to be held May 18-22, 2017.

 In 2015 Noah Strycker set a new record for a worldwide Big Year of birding, seeing 6,042 of the world’s estimated 10,400 bird species.  His journey spanned all seven continents from January 1st to December 31st.  He says modern technology and birders’ posts on EBird and BirdingPal helped him plan his itinerary and connect with birders worldwide. Noah is under contract to write a book about his adventure for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


 Great Salt Lake Bird Festival is excited to have Noah lead field trips and a workshop (Afternoon Bird Walk: Bare Naked Birding) and offer the keynote address about his new world record.  Dinner tickets are on sale now at www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com


 Noah Strycker is a writer, photographer, and adventurer and joins us from the Eugene Oregon area.   At age twenty-two, Noah, a recent college graduate, was dropped off by a helicopter with two other bird scientists and a three-months supply of food to study penguins in Antarctica.  His first book, Among Penguins: A Bird Man in Antarctica is the first person narrative about this adventure.  It was published in 2011.  His most recent book, The Thing with Feathers, published in 2015 is a look at the lives of birds- their world and their deep connection with humanity.


 The adventures that Noah writes about in his books and blog make birding ‘cool’.  Great Salt Lake Bird Festival offers these ‘cool’ experiences also.  Plan to enjoy the guided field trips, workshops, and other activities the Festival has for you. In reality birding is ‘cool’.  It is easy to bird the ‘cool’ places in Utah and Great Salt Lake Bird Festival will make birding happen for you.


 See the 2017 program on the web site after January 1st.  Dinner tickets are on sale now at www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com

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