When September 10, 2021 at 9:00pm 2 hrs 59 mins
Contact 2000s Party [email protected]

Although some of us don't want to admit that the 2000s started almost 20 years ago, there's no denying that things are a little different now than they were in the oughts-- hip-hop and R&B were dominating, the pop-punk emo explosion, Coldplay, super weird electronic crossovers, rap metal, Nickelback, SMASH MOUTH..... What a time to be alive. This February: it's time to get the fedoras out, collars up, jeans faded, gloves fingerless, wristbands to the elbows, and Razr's bedazzled because it's the 2000s Dance Party with your #1 friend on your MySpace Top 8: DJ Flash & Flare. It's gonna be pimp.