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Perks of Membership

  • membership in both Utah Cultural Alliance (our 501(c)3) and Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance (our 501(c)4)
  • invitation for one person to annual spring party of 20/40/100 club members
  • UCA will offer more parties around the state if at least 10 members join in a certain geographic area
  • $50 is tax deductible (unless joining as a business, then 100% is tax deductible)

Why Join

10 Club members are true sustainers of Utah Cultural Alliance and Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance. This Club underpins the financial success of Utah Cultural Alliance in fulfilling its goals with policy, professional development, and growing general awareness of arts and culture. Your contribution helps accomplish the following:

Advocacy // UCA advocates on behalf of culture to Utah’s elected and government officials; advances grassroots involvement by its members in policy; keeps members apprised of policy and funding changes; assesses the cultural positions of candidates; and tracks, takes positions on, and lobbies for and against bills and appropriation decisions that affect the cultural sector.

Professional Development // UCA nurtures collaboration between cultural organizations, government, business, and individuals; develops skills through professional training opportunities; encourages networking and increased cooperation and collaboration within the cultural community; and recognizes important individuals and organizations to the sector through awards.

Awareness // UCA builds general community awareness of the creative and cultural sector through outwardly focused awareness campaigns. We are an important statewide information hub and resource center that measures the economic impact of the state and disseminates this impact through our annual State of the State Report.


*10 Club members also receive all other UCA membership benefits.


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