When 19 days to go July 17, 2022 at 7:00pm 4 hrs 59 mins
Contact Wood Live Music [email protected]

A Wood Live Music concert will consist of some well-known hits like American Pie, Folsom Prison Blues, Free Falling, Every Rose has its Thorn, Desperado, as well as original material. We like to share the stories behind our original music, and we will often take a moment to share the inspirations behind what we perform. About Wood Live Music: Wood Live Music has been writing and performing in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho for 19 years. Inspired by artists like Johnny Cash, the Eagles, Journey, and John Denver, their tight harmonies and catchy lyrics make them a favorite of community and corporate events. Brothers Bryce and Austin Wood write the original songs. Steve Anderson is an accomplished fiddle player, and Kent Scott provides percussion and backing vocals. Notable performances include an appearance on BBC1 in the UK, KUTVs morning show, performing as the opening act for Little Texas, and The Temple Square Concert Series.