What We Do

About Us

Utah Cultural Alliance (UCA) is the unified statewide advocacy voice of Utah’s arts, humanities, and cultural businesses. That means we're all about letting the rest of the state know what's so amazing about Utah's humanities, arts, history, music, heritage, dance, literature, visual arts, archaeology, museums, theatre, philosophy, film, and more.

Cultural businesses include for-profit and nonprofit businesses. UCA fortifies the arts and cultural sector and empowers artists, scholars, and administrators. Specifically, UCA:

  1. ADVOCATES on behalf of arts and culture organizations to Utah’s elected and government officials and keeps members apprised of public policy that effects the community;

  2. RAISES AWARENESS of the cultural sector and its impact by continually measuring and disseminating economic data, promoting events, and maintaining the Cultural Asset Map; and,

  3. Provides accessible PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT programs to boost skills among cultural organization workers and nurture collaboration with other cultural organizations, as well as government, business, and individuals.

Our membership-driven organization is comprised of more than 300 organizational and individual members representing some 79,000 cultural administrators and artists. Member organizations include:

  • nonprofits: museums (arts, history, science, botanical gardens, and zoos), universities, archives, libraries, foundations, concert venues/theaters, as well as arts, folk arts, cultural, humanities, science, education, preservation, history, and heritage organizations.
  • for-profit businesses: galleries, architecture, design (Graphic/Creative/Interior/Fashion, etc.), film/TV/video, photography, individual artists (visual, music, dance, authors, poets, actors, etc.), presenting/concert venues & theaters, makers, crafters, event production, recording studios, private teaching, creative directors, and historic rehabilitation
  • individuals: patrons, artists, cultural fans, musicians, dancers, scholars, filmmakers, poets, actors, authors, writers, etc.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Saved Middle School Arts education: We fought to reverse the school board's decision to make MS arts ed optional. We won in January 2018!
  • Saved Classical 89
  • Successfully lobbied for almost $9 million in new investments in Utah's nonprofit and for-profit cultural sector during the 2018 legislation session.
  • Lobbied UT's federal delegation to support funding for NEA, NEH, CPB, and IMLS. (increases for Fiscal Year 19!)
  • Utah is now home to over 40 RAP-type taxes and 8 public art programs.
  • Launched our Cultural Asset Map and Events Calendar.
  • Worked with the legislature to add a statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon to represent UT in DC's statuary hall.
  • Worked to lesson regulations impacting the cultural sector through bills at the legislature.
  • Added a number of cultural items to the list of state designations including the Spiral Jetty, Native American Rock Art, and the Utahraptor.
  • Hosted professional development trainings around the state.
  • Launched a mentorship program.
  • Impacted elections: Candidate recruitment. graded legislators, and surveyed 300+ municipal and general election candidates between 2017 and 2018 cycles
  • 100% of the state senate and 94% of the state house belong to our Cultural Caucus.
  • Newsletter 10,000; social media followers 6,000; website traffic 10K monthly 

Utah Cultural Alliance (501c3) Mission // UCA is the statewide ambassador of the arts, humanities, and cultural sector of Utah. We serve, empower, and strengthen this community through advocacy, professional development, and raising cultural awareness.

Utah Cultural Advocacy Alliance (501c4) Mission // UCAA is the statewide arts, humanities, and cultural advocacy organization that mobilizes the cultural community to effect positive change in the Utah State Legislature and Congress. We serve, empower, and strengthen this community through advocacy services.

Vision // We envision a State that values the impact of arts, humanities, and cultural sector on the quality of life in Utah.


  • Culture: We affirm that the arts, culture, and humanities are vital to a meaningful existence.
  • Integrity: We make responsible, ethical decisions and do what is best for our organizations and its members.
  • Diversity: We celebrate all people and viewpoints and support a culture of inclusion and access for all Utahns.