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The Weyward Sisters by LL West
 Last Four Performances
Prologue: Featuring Barb Gandy and Natalie Keezer.  LL West devised this spiffy little prologue to help you remember what the heck happens on stage in that Shakespearean tragedy.  So don't you worry if tenth grade seems long ago, and nobody talks like this now, Barb and Natalie will sum it up in advance so you'll be ready to enjoy: 
The play, featuring: Tamara Howell, Betsy West, Ali Lente - Leandra, Skye and Fioon are witches...good witches, but witches nevertheless. They have been hired by Thomas (Middleton) to perform in a new play (MACBETH) that he's written in tandem with a playwright known to them as "The Brad" (Shakespeare). Before and after each scene in which they are featured, we see the 'weyward' sisters in their dressing room. Not completely savvy to a theatre world, these three weird sisters try to understand how they fit into the fabric of this world...how they can contribute to the telling of this story...how they can possibly alter the outcome.
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Pygmalion Theatre Company, 1433 Kensington, Salt Lake City, UT 84105
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