When December 16, 2021 at 10:00am 10 hrs
Contact Water/Confluence at the UMFA [email protected]
Framework Arts presents Water, a multimedia experience on display as part of Confluence at the UMFA in the Acme Lab.

Water Framework Arts engaged a community group practice to understand the importance of water as both a biological necessity and a carrier of symbolic content. This practice of making art begins with inviting others to tell their stories and setting up the tools they need to do so confidently. It culminates in reproducing the stories in this space for you to experience. The process was initiated by local educators and youth from Salt Lake City, but in-person programming restrictions presented both challenges and opportunities for story gathering. In light of this, Framework Arts extended the invitation to participate to the broader community. This broader reach was supported through a series of short films and storytelling prompts about water. Framework Arts' goal is always to have a broad spectrum of participants tell and show their stories: a range of ages, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds. These stories are visually represented in a sculpture of clouds and raindrops in the Confluence exhibition. The sculpture should be experienced while listening to these Water audio pieces.