When October 09, 2022 at 9:30am 7 hrs
Contact Utah Fall Landscape Painting with Kyle Ma [email protected]
In this 3 day workshop students will be working in the field and watching daily demonstrations in order to develop their skills in landscape painting.

Students will develop a strong understanding of how light behaves and the way light describes form in a landscape. This understanding will be crucial to developing your concept in a painting as well as establishing the proper shapes and values. Students will also learn how to apply the fundamentals of painting, such as drawing, values, color, and edges to painting en plein air. This class will also emphasize the importance of being deliberate in the decision making process of painting. In order to make good decisions in painting, there needs to be a clear visual concept to begin with. In this class, students will learn how to take a scene and use that to formulate concepts for painting. Students will also receive individual attention as they work in the field so the instructor can help address the specific goals each individual has for their work. Therefore this workshop will benefit artists of all levels. https://www.kylemafineart.com/