November 2017


Utah '17
Rio Gallery
NOV 17, 2017- JAN 12, 2018

Gallery Stroll Opening Reception Nov 17, 6-9pm

Please join us for the opening reception of Utah '17. This year we received a record number of entries, over 500 works of art. The jurors selected 69 artists for exhibition. Complete artist list here.

The Statewide Annual Competition and Exhibition provides exposure to both emerging and established Utah artists through public display, publicity, awards and publication of catalogs. Statewide Annual is juried by two distinguished out-of-state jurors. A $1,000 Best in Show award is given to one artist, as well as six $600 Jurors’ Awards. The Jurors also selected three honorable mentions. Award winners will be revealed at the exhibition opening.

Visual arts competitions and exhibitions have been a project of Utah Arts & Museums since 1899, providing juried exhibitions open to all artists across the state of Utah.
Alice Gallery
NOV 17, 2017 - JAN 12, 2018

Gallery Stroll Opening Reception Dec 1, 6-9pm

How has being a father affected your art? This was the question posed to twelve artist fathers. The artists, who represent a variety of mediums and life stages, each approached this simple question in a different way.

Artist Daniel Barney, a father of three, reflects on the intense concern he felt for the safety of his newborn daughter while she slept in a crib next to his bed twenty-three years ago. Speaking of his work, Daniel says, “Fatherhood is a complex concept that does not directly correlate with painting, but these works are artistic impulses of that moment.”

Fatherhood teaches Spencer Budd that he is by no means perfect and failure is a part of the learning process. He draws from what he has learned as he creates his work, stating that, “The possibility of failure is always present, but it is often my failings that result in a work that is fresh, spontaneous, and interesting.”

Both Namon Bills and Tyler Swain collaborated with their young children on each work. Bills, who allowed his 3-year old to paint on some of his existing work before finishing it himself said, “Being a father brings its share of interruptions to current plans and trajectories. While these changes are difficult for a planner such as myself to swallow, they also lead to unexpected adventures, new opportunities, and greater outcomes than I would have experienced on my own.”

Swain’s approach was to let his son start and finish each work. “I wanted to not only express the idea of how being a father has influenced my artistic pursuits, but to actually allow my son to share in the creative process with me, resulting in a collaborative piece. I let him draw whatever he wanted to on each panel, name the piece, and tell me what was going on in his narrative.”

Justin Wheatley’s interpretation of the question addressed the influence making and consuming art has on his family. “My children are the driving force behind my work. As I thought about this show, I realized that though I feel some burden to produce work in order to provide, I feel more need to make art in order to share the joy and struggle that comes along with it.” Other artists participating in Artist/Dad are: Fidalis Beuhler, Jorge Rojas, Colby Sanford, Jeffrey Hale, Duston Todd, and Steven Stradley, and Clinton Whiting.
Image Detail: Colby Sanford, Just One More, 2016

NOV 10 - 115-10p.m.
The Gateway

The work of Visual Art Fellows, Joseph Ostraff and Wendy Wischer, will be in the mix at Illuminate Salt Lake, the city's first light art and technology festival. Don't miss it, November 10-115-10pm at The Gateway and various other sites. FREE

Joseph Ostraff
My Brain on Memory           
Video (5:36)
Audio track: Steve Ricks

Tali Hafoka/ Joseph Ostraff (collaboration)
Paradise Lost      
Video (2:40)

Wendy Wischer
Migrating Consciousness
Video (5:38)


Thanks to 15 Bytes artists of Utah for the exhibition review of Prima Facie. Catch it before it closes at the Alice Gallery on November 10th. 
Image: Matt Kruback, Rhetoric, 2016


Our sister agency, the Utah Film Commission has a great opportunity for photographers. The job of the Utah Film Commission is to inspire filmmakers to bring their production to Utah, and they are asking for your help. Do your photos tell a story? Inspiration can strike in an instant from a single image, a glance out the window, or a double take on a place. It’s right there in an otherworldly landscape, a lonely gas station, or twilight on a suburban street.

Submit your best shots of your favorite Utah spot. Those selected will be used to inspire the next wave of filmmakers at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

DEADLINE: NOV 10, 2017

Two grants that support Folk arts and artists are currently open. Visit our website for details


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