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September 2017


prima facie
Works by Matt Kruback & Naomi Marine
Alice Gallery
SEPT 15 - NOV 10, 2017

Gallery Stroll Sept 156-9pm

The exhibition prima facie explores the divisions and overlaps that occur between “what is” and “what could not be” – searching, not for the truth, but for moments of disruption to an expected order. What the eyes perceive often goes unquestioned. People accept the authenticity of objects, images, and spaces when presented in familiar forms and patterns. Vision is accepted as a source of truth, but what appears precise is not always accurate, and what appears impossible is not necessarily false. Arbitrary boundaries erected between humans and nature, or self and other, falsely suggest that each is autonomous and exist without influence or dependency upon the other. In reality, they are linked in a catalytic web, unknowingly responding to and impacting the other’s actions. These immediate and cumulative aggregates of change offer new outlines for what can, or will, come. The impossible is not fixed, but a fluid construct that can be redefined in the wake of a transformative event. The drawings, sculpture, and photography presented in prima facie borrow from the language of precision to provide artifacts of an evolving impossible. Materials, forms, and technology from schematic drawing, scientific illustration, taxidermy, and documentary photography are combined with more fantastical or obscure elements to offer and deny verity in the mapping of transformation.

Image: Matt Kruback, Rhetoric, Pigment Print, 2016
Naomi Marine, Apparition, Ink on paper
DesignArts Utah '17
Rio Gallery
SEPT 8 - OCT 20, 2017

Gallery Stroll Closing Celebration 
October 206-9pm

The DesignArts Program is pleased to host the DesignArts Utah ’17 juried exhibition. Designers in architecture, industrial, product, and information / media / graphic design will be included with realized, conceptual, and prototype design. This annual exhibition honors and celebrates Utah’s great designers and provides a valuable platform for viewers to learn about and engage with the design community. DesignArts Utah is excited to partner with Salt Lake Design Week and Craft Lake City for this event that is free and open to the public. This year's featured designers include: Jorrien Peterson / Fell - Gunnar Harrison - Lianne Wappett - Hunter Hofstrand - Camilla Aubrey - Sparano + Mooney Architecture - WEST Group and Juror's Award Winners; Nick Mendoza and Andrew Galloway in the profession category and Joshua Siebert and DesignBuildBluff in the student categories.
Image: Jorrien Peterson / Fell, Team: Tiera Peterson, Illustrated Maps


Juror information and guidelines are live for Statewide Annual '17: Painting, Sculpture, and Installation.


We're celebrating the 58th year of our Traveling Exhibition Program, which kicked-off September 1st, 1959. Traveling exhibitions are curated as a collaborative partnership with local artists, arts organizations and institutions. Utah museums, colleges, university and community galleries, arts and cultural centers, libraries and schools all register for the exhibitions annually. These exhibits and their accompanying educational materials provide public access to quality visual art, nurture understanding of diverse art forms and cultures, promote creativity and encourage cultural activities in local communities. Registration occurs annually in May. Learn more here


Our Community Arts team is on the road attending fairs & festivals across the state. Make sure to stop by and say hello, chat about programs, and connect with our staff. Schedule here


The Community Arts Program provides funding support for arts organization’s staff, board members, or volunteers to attend relevant conferences or trainings. These conferences/trainings provide opportunities for organizations to expand their skill sets and network with other arts and non-arts organizations. Application and guidelines here. 


ArtOps is dedicated to bringing art opportunities to Utah artists. Opportunities are from local, national and international sources, and include exhibitions, residencies, funding, and professional development. 
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