University of Utah Children’s Dance Theatre presents Gwinna Val A. Browning Center for the Arts 1901 University Circle, Ogden Tuesday, October 4 School Matinee Performances: 10:00 am & 12:30 pm Public Performance: 7:00 pm

 Tickets Schools may reserve free tickets for the matinee performances by calling 801-581-7374. Limited bus funding is also available. GWINNA, based on Barbara Helen Berger’s enchanting book and brought into motion by the young artists of the University of Utah Children’s Dance Theatre, tells the story of a girl who grows up never knowing that she can fly. Gwinna only knows that she can hear a mysterious song in the wind that fills her with longing. On her twelfth birthday, she is summoned to the home of the ancient Mother of the Owls. There Gwinna discovers at last how to use her wings, and she sets off on a quest in search of the secret of the music of the wind. Please join us for this beautiful tale of magic and fantasy told through original dance and music.