UCA is pleased to announce Red Butte Garden as this week's featured member!
Read below to learn more about Red Butte Garden and what their organization has to offer.
Organization Description
Utah's Botanical Garden with 21 acres of themed Gardens enjoyable for all ages in all seasons and for all kinds of reasons! We like to say, Four Seasons, A Million Reasons!
How did your organization come to be?
Philanthropist Zeke Dumke had a vision and worked with University of Utah Botanist, Dr. walter P. Cottam, The University of Utah and the State to establish the Garden.
How would you describe yourself or your organization in three words?
Blooms, Bands and Brides
Briefly describe an experience you've had with the arts or humanities that was impactful.
One day at Red Butte Garden I joined the conversation of a group of volunteers and guests. The center of energy in the group was volunteer Beverly Sudbury. She had been a volunteer since day-one at the Garden, before it charged admission and had a visitors Center, so, before 1985. We concluded that four of us, aged from 30-80-years-old, attended Granite High School - the campus was torn down in August 2017. Bev led us in the school song, which the four of us knew, "when the sights and sounds of the campus, fade in the long, busy years..." Moments like that don't happen without good places and good people.
Finally, is there anything else you'd like our members to know? (surprising talents, interesting facts, important causes, favorite songs, etc.)
Red Butte Garden is so versatile, from quiet sunset views or laughing children to dancing at concerts.




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