UCA MEMBER HIGHLIGHTS: Centerpoint Legacy Theatre

UCA is pleased to announce Centerpoint Legacy Theatre as this week's featured member organization!
Read below to learn more about Centerpoint Legacy Theatre.
What is your favorite things about Utah's arts, humanities and cultural community?
In Utah we foster a willingness to volunteer and be truly dedicated to the arts. We understand what coming together for a common cause can do to strengthen our communities. One of the most unique things about CenterPoint is we rely on our incredible volunteers to create professional-level productions. This chosen philosophy of utilizing volunteers creates space for new performers and many in the community that would not have the opportunity to be involved in performing or supporting the theatrical arts. Last year we had the incredible number of 726 volunteers give 92,470 volunteer hours to make all we do possible!
Briefly describe an experience you've had with the arts or humanities that was impactful.
At CenterPoint we continue to have many experiences with patrons, artists, and students that validate the important work of the theatrical arts. In a previous season’s performance of White Christmas one of our lead actors came out into the lobby to find all of his family crying. His mother, who had suffered from several strokes and had not spoken for many years, had begun singing along with her son when he sang the title song, “White Christmas.” While not all experiences are this dramatic, we do our best to ensure that those who come to our shows truly leave elevated and entertained.
Finally, is there anything else you'd like our members to know? (surprising talents, interesting facts, important causes, favorite songs, etc.)
CenterPoint Legacy Theatre is located in Centerville and we are in the middle of our 7th season. We enjoy the support of government leaders (Centerville, Bountiful, State of Utah, etc.), businesses, and foundations which have made our beautiful venue possible. Our venue is home to our Barlow Main Stage, Leishman Performance Hall (smaller black box venue), and CenterPoint Academy, last year we were able to fill 98,035 seats for CenterPoint performances. We have strong community support through ticket sales and volunteers and we are pleased that our Academy has been growing as well. Last year we were able to teach acting, dancing, and singing to 540 students through the Academy. Some unique highlights of what we do include: our award-winning Friend to Friend program which gives free, weekly, theatrical instruction to special needs students (currently 75 students ages 5 through adult); the Bravo Program where we extend deeply-discounted ticket opportunities to our Barlow Main Stage shows to Davis County high school and junior high school students and educators; our Troubadour elementary assembly program, ASL supported performances for our Barlow Main Stage productions; and our Fairytale Festival which gives approximately 4,000 visitors each year the chance to explore the lessons and magic contained in fairytales (this great event will be happening September 15th and 16th, 2017). We invite all members of the Utah Cultural Alliance to come and experience the fantastic performances in our two venues, our opportunities for students, and our upcoming Fairytale Festival. More information about all of what we do can be found at www.centerpointtheatre.org .

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